The FCG Projects

The FCG Projects

In 1995, FCG will dedicate itself to four ongoing projects:

The Government Accountability Project (GAP) is a public interest advocacy organization dedicated to the representation of courageous individuals who have "blown the whistle" on corrupt practices both in the federal government and in industry. The nuclear weapons industry, national security, environmental enforcement and safe food are the chief program areas of GAP's investigation. Whistleblowers whom GAP attorneys currently represent include employees from the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Facility in Colorado, the Hanford Nuclear Weapons Facility in Washington state and the Los Alamos National Labs in New Mexico. GAP not only represents individuals, but also works for policy change to protect the rights of millions of government and private employees who are threatened by "gag orders" issued by the Department of Justice and the triumvirate of intelligence agencies. GAP's current projects include security clearance reform, the dismantling of Cold War secrecy, and an EPA Watch program. GAP Can be reached at

The Project on Government Oversight (POGO) is a watchdog organization that monitors and reports cases of waste, fraud and abuse in federal agencies, and most recently in the arena of environmental clean-up. Its 1983 publication, More Bucks, Less Bang, documents examples of the cost overruns and weapons pricing that cost the American taxpayer billions of dollars. Over a decade later, this collection of essays continues to be regarded as an excellent introduction to the world of weapons procurement and its inherent flaws. More recently, PGO released internal government data that revealed spending excesses in the Superconducting Super Collider -- including $56,000 for tropical plants and $35,000 for a holiday party -- that spurred the cancellation of the $11-billion project. The effect of PGO's latest publications has been equally successful: one report exposing an attack on the False Claims Act by fraudulent defense contractors helped to defeat their efforts; another expose on the dangers of aerosol can propellants and EPA acquiescence to industry pressures led to an EPA task force on the subject. Today, PGO's projects include investigations into potential federal tax evasion by major oil companies, as well as the multi-million-dollar cost overruns in the Boston Harbor Tunnel project. POGO can be reached at or via email at

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) promotes oversight, accountability and public debate around the issues of government secrecy and civil liberties in relation to the new information "superhighway," formally known as the National Information Infrastructure (NII). A joint project of the Fund for Constitutional Government and Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, the year-old group has emerged as a forceful and effective advocate in its field, organizing national and international conferences; providing testimony to Congress and federal agencies; and organizing on-line campaigns, including a list of 47,000 Internet users urging the President's withdrawal of the 1994 Clipper Chip proposal -- the first electronic petition delivered to the White House. EPIC pursues Freedom of Information Act litigation to obtain classified documents on the NII initiative, conducts policy research, and publishes reports on emerging privacy issues. Its public education campaign includes "EPIC Alert," an on-line newsletter. Cited in more than three hundred news stories, EPIC is at the cutting edge of efforts to protect privacy and individual liberty into the twenty-first century. EPIC can be reached at or email at

The Investigative Journalism Project is an ongoing vehicle through which FCG provides financing and encouragement to journalists committed to uncovering stories of corruption in government and violations of constitutional principles. Over $350,000 has been granted to print and broadcast journalists in the past thirteen years. The average grant size is $1,000 to $3,000, although there have been exceptions, most notably for an Emmy Award-winning television documentary about Iran-Contra, produced by Charlie Stuart in 1988.

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