Gizmodo: California’s New Delete Act Is One of the World’s Most Powerful Privacy Laws 

October 11, 2023

The Delete Act spells out consequences too, enshrining civil penalties and administrative fines for lawbreaking data-mongers. 

The law is “the most decisive step we’ve seen lawmakers take to rein in the shadowy business of data brokers. It promises consumers an easy way to assert control over the personal data that today is freely bought and sold on the open market, like a do not call list for data brokers,” said John Davisson, Director of Litigation and Senior Counsel at EPIC, the Electronic Privacy Information Center. “It rejects the idea that companies should be able to commercially exploit the most sensitive details of lives with impunity.” 

… “The burden of policing abusive data practices shouldn’t fall on consumers,” Davisson said. “And even the Delete Act, as significant as it is, is no substitute for a law that limits how much data businesses and brokers can collect about us in the first place, without any action from consumers.” 

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