GZERO: Mind your clicks — AI is watching 

May 28, 2024

Calli Schroeder, senior counsel and global privacy counsel at the Electronic Privacy Information Center, said that only ameliorates some concerns. “Constant screenshots of user actions for Recall and other AI programs is a form of surveillance,” she said. “Keeping the data on-device addresses some of the risks of that surveillance but doesn’t change the fact that user activities are being monitored and recorded in great detail and volume.” She noted that data collection is nothing new, but the increased scale presents fresh potential for “misuse, breach, and interference.” 

…Schroeder said she hopes that technology companies that build AI systems will allow adequate outside monitoring from civil society groups, technologists, researchers, and regulators. “Governments are some of the only bodies with power to force enough disclosure of system structure to confirm whether that is accurate and whether those measures adequately protect people,” she said. 

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