Inferse: IRS Will No Longer Use Controversial Facial Recognition Software To Verify Online Accounts

February 10, 2022

The IRS stated Monday that taxpayers will no longer be required to utilize third-party face recognition software to validate their online accounts. Reports

Taxpayers would’ve had to confirm their online profiles via third-party software firm starting this summer by presenting a legal document with a picture, such as a driving license, state ID, or passport, and attempting to take a video clip with their computer or smartphone, according to the agency.

While creating an account was not required to submit a tax return, pay a tax bill, it was needed to access other details such as tax records, apply for payment plans, or use the Child Tax Credit portal.

Privacy experts were alarmed by the proposal, questioning why the government needed to cooperate with an outside corporation to acquire biometric data.

Jeramie Scott, senior counsel of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, said, “We do not know how this data could be used in the future.” “You’re handing over authority to a firm that may not be as motivated to secure your data as you are.”

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