Los Angeles Review of Books: Keeping Humans in the Loop: On Hilke Schellmann’s “The Algorithm” 

May 31, 2024

MyInterview’s head-scratching issues aren’t unique. Similar concerns have plagued other prominent AI hiring platforms. Take HireVue, a leading AI and human resource management company that has provided services to corporations like Hilton, Delta Air Lines, and Unilever. The company had used AI to analyze aspects of speech such as “variation in tone or pauses.” But after receiving substantial criticism, it eventually stopped this practice in 2021. Indeed, the pressure became so intense that HireVue begrudgingly acknowledged that its “internal research” had determined that voice analysis didn’t offer “much additional predictive value.” Compounding the problem, HireVue only stopped conducting speech input analysis after receiving bad publicity for analyzing faces with computer vision. The PR fiasco was fueled by Schellmann’s skeptical coverage with Jason Bellini in The Wall Street Journal and the Electronic Privacy Information Center’s complaint to the Federal Trade Commission that alleged HireVue provided unfair and deceptive services. 

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