Maine Morning Star: ‘Death by a thousand cuts’: A look at Big Tech’s efforts to influence data privacy in Maine 

June 6, 2024

On the other side, the research nonprofit Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) worked with O’Neil to fine tune her version. EPIC has also been involved with data privacy bills in other states, including Maryland and Vermont.  

“Democrats chose to believe an out-of-state nonprofit organization and their analysis on language rather than believing our own people, the businesses that are right here in Maine and that have to comply,” Keim told Maine Morning Star.  

Ahead of a Senate floor vote on the bills, Keim critiqued the nonprofit exemptions in light of EPIC’s involvement in shaping LD 1977. However, comments submitted to the Judiciary Committee earlier in session show that EPIC had recommended against such exemptions.   

“We do believe that nonprofits should be covered by privacy laws,” Caitriona Fitzgerald, deputy director of EPIC, told Maine Morning Star. 

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