MediaPost: California Assembly Passes Bill Requiring Browser Developers To Offer Opt-Out Tool

May 24, 2024

Advocacy groups including Consumer Reports and the Electronic Privacy Information Center, along with trade organization Digital Content Next (which represents publishers), support the bill. 

Those groups said in a letter sent to state lawmakers in March that the proposed law “will help reduce opt-out friction and make it easier for California residents to control their data.” 

“Today, if a user wants to send an opt-out preference signal on Chrome, Safari, or Edge, they need to download a third-party extension to do so, while a mobile platform user cannot configure their device to send an opt-out preference signal at all,” those groups wrote. “As a result, millions of Californians, while technically enjoying the right to send such a signal, likely have no idea that this right even exists and have no easy way of acting on it even if they did.” 

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