MeriTalk: Congress Should Pass Data-Privacy Legislation, Witnesses Say

February 17, 2022

“Without clear and enforceable data protection rules, there has been widespread overcollection, abusive data practices, and targeting that threatens our rights and institutions. Robust data privacy standards are essential to ensure the protection of human rights, human dignity, and the healthy functioning of our democracy,” said Caitriona Fitzgerald, the deputy director for the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

Comprehensive data-privacy legislation places responsibilities on organizations that collect personal data and to give rights to the individuals whose data is collected. Fitzgerald told Committee members that privacy legislation should include:

  • Strict data collection and use limitations
  • Data minimization and deletion requirements
  • Transparency about business practices
  • Purpose specification
  • Access, correction, and deletion rights
  • Data accuracy
  • Confidentiality and security requirements
  • Compliance and accountability

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