NIST Releases First Final Draft of AI Risk Management Framework

January 26, 2023

NIST today published a final draft of its AI Risk Management Framework 1.0. The document is a “a guidance document for voluntary use by organizations designing, developing, deploying or using AI systems to help manage the many risks of AI technologies.”

EPIC had submitted feedback on two prior drafts released by NIST. EPIC’s feedback recognized the important progress that NIST has made to expand the types of AI risks and harms covered by its Risk Management Framework, including risks to racial equity and to those impacted by automated decision-making, and to include more diverse voices in the AI development process. Although this guidance would improve business practices for most, EPIC has stressed the urgent need for regulation or legislation to require more accountable systems.

EPIC frequently advocates for algorithmic justice, transparency, and accountability, and provided comments on the D.C. Council’s Stop Discrimination of Algorithms Act, the European Commission’s proposed Artificial Intelligence Act, and the OECD Framework for Classifying AI Systems

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