POLITICO: The raucous battle over Americans’ online privacy is landing on states

February 22, 2023

The Electronic Privacy Information Center, a D.C.-based nonprofit, is at the center of the multi-statehouse push among privacy advocates. The group has also been pressing lawmakers in Maryland and Michigan to introduce state versions of the measure, and hopes to make inroads in as many states as possible.


Caitriona Fitzgerald, EPIC’s deputy director, hopes that a state version of ADPPA creates an alternative to the industry’s push for weaker state privacy laws. The modified bill has a significant advantage over industry proposals because of Congress’ push last year, she said.

“It’s been negotiated by both sides in Congress, industry was looking at it, advocates were looking at it, so much of the work is done for them,” Fitzgerald said. “There’s probably some comfort in that for state legislators, that all those negotiations have already happened.”

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