Privacy Campaigns

Privacy Campaigns

EPIC’s important privacy campaigns include:

U.S. Urgently Needs a Data Protection Agency

US Needs a Data Protection Agency
The United States is one of the few democracies in the world that does not have a federal data protection agency. While the FTC helps to safeguard consumers and promote competition, it is not a data protection agency. The United States needs a new approach. EPIC launched a campaign to promote the creation of a Data Protection Agency in the United States.

Ban Face Surveillance

Ban Face Surveillance
EPIC has launched a campaign to ban face surveillance. EPIC will publish information on face surveillance laws, reports, and protests worldwide.

2020 Election Security

2020 Election Security
Since launching its Democracy and Cybersecurity Project, EPIC has worked to ensure that elections in the United States are secure and fair for all citizens, even during a pandemic. Through advocacy, litigation, and policy efforts, EPIC is fighting to protect democratic institutions and highlighting privacy and cybersecurity concerns related to election systems.

Privacy and the Pandemic

Privacy and the Pademic
EPIC is working to ensure that private and public sector responses to COVID-19 safeguard the privacy and civil liberties of all people. Through advocacy, oversight, and litigation, EPIC is ensuring that the coronavirus pandemic does not lead to erosion of individual rights. Visit to see EPIC’s resources on these issues.

Enforce The Order

#EnforceTheOrderIn the lead-up to the year anniversary of the FTC re-opening its investigation into Facebook following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, EPIC launched a campaign to urge the FTC to enforce the 2011 Consent Order with Facebook.

End the FCC Data Retention Mandate

FCC Data Retention MandateThe Electronic Privacy Information Center (“EPIC”) is urging the public to support a proposal to end the FCC’s data retention mandate.

Democracy & Cybersecurity: Preserving Democratic Institutions

Democracy and Cybersecurity Campaign imageEPIC has launched a new project on Democracy and Cybersecurity to address growing concerns about cyber attacks on democratic institutions.

Data Protection 2016

Data Protection 2016 imageNoting widespread concern about the state of privacy in America, EPIC launched “Data Protection 2016,” a non-partisan campaign to make data protection an issue in the 2016 election.

Algorithmic Transparency

Algorithmic Transparency image

In 2015, EPIC launched a project on algorithmic transparency, urging companies to show us the code that makes judgements about us.

Stop Body Scanners

Jan. 6 Body Scanner Event

EPIC filed a lawsuit to suspend the deployment of body scanners at US airports, pending an independent review.
Details on EPIC v. DHS
EPIC Body Scanner Incident Report
EPIC’s Body Scanner Facebook Page

Privacy & Google Books

Google Privacy?

Google Books Settlement & Privacy
Google Books Policy
Google Books Litigation

Privacy and the 2010 Election

EPIC’s 2010 E-Deceptive Campaign Practices Report

National Opt-Out Day

National Opt Out Day

Internet Privacy

Infographic Button

Internet Privacy Infographic

Privacy and the 2008 Election

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National ID at the Crossroads

National ID