Representatives Eshoo and Lofgren Reintroduce Online Privacy Act

November 18, 2021

Representatives Eshoo and Lofgren have reintroduced the Online Privacy Act, a comprehensive framework for privacy and data protection in the United States. The bill would establish a digital privacy agency, create meaningful privacy rights for consumers, and hold companies accountable for the collection and use of personal data. “The Online Privacy Act of 2021 takes the steps needed to change the business practices that drive corporate surveillance in the United States,” said Caitriona Fitzgerald, EPIC Deputy Director. “Representatives Eshoo and Lofgren’s bill sets forth strong rights for Internet users, promotes innovation, and establishes a Digital Privacy Agency that will ensure that the U.S. adequately oversees technologies that permeate all our lives. EPIC urges Congress to pass the Online Privacy Act.” EPIC’s legislative report graded the Online Privacy Act the #1 privacy bill in Congress last session.

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