Senator Blumenthal Calls on Zoom to Address Privacy Issues

April 1, 2020

Senator Richard Blumenthal has called on video conference platform Zoom to provide clear answers about its consumer data privacy rules and safety practices. "Zoom has a troubling history of software design practices and security lapses that have posed significant risks to the privacy and safety of its users," Senator Blumenthal said. Senator Blumenthal asked for responses to six questions by April 14, 2020. Last year, EPIC filed a complaint about Zoom security practices with the Federal Trade Commission. EPIC explained that Zoom had "placed at risk the privacy and security of the users of its services." EPIC's 22-page analysis detailed how Zoom had "exposed users to the risk of remote surveillance, unwanted videocalls, and denial-of-service attack." The Federal Trade Commission failed to act on EPIC's 2019 Zoom complaint.

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