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  • OMB Publishes Draft Guidance Implementing Procedural Requirements for Agencies Developing, Using, and Procuring AI

    The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released draft guidance outlining federal agencies’ obligations and suggested actions around the responsible development, use, and procurement of AI technologies. The OMB guidance establishes new agency roles and resources for managing government AI systems; requires agencies to build internal processes, strategies, and capacity to increase their use and procurement of responsible AI; and sets out minimum AI risk management practices that most executive agencies are expected to follow.

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  • AI Harm Report: Iowa’s Book Ban Implementation Illustrates How New Tech Enables Bad Policy 

    EPIC Senior Counsels Calli Schroeder and Ben Winters explain how generative AI takes the already-bad practice of book banning and makes it worse. Book banning is bad enough when it’s humans deciding which content should be censored. Leaving that determination to generative AI opens the door for a program—one that is unable to accurately read context—to irrationally limit what we are able to access and engage with.

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