Tech Policy Press: Industry Representatives and Regulators Grapple with Privacy, Child Online Safety Legislation at IAPP Global Privacy Summit 

April 7, 2024

Director for US Legislation at the Future of Privacy Forum, Keir Lamont, said that comprehensive privacy legislation is much more complicated than merely who is notified and in what order after consumers suffer a data breach. The fundamental difference lies in how these rules not only govern how a company builds a product but creates a service in the first place, according to Caitriona Fitzgerald, deputy director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center. She thinks there’s a significant downside to a phased approach that’s somewhat at odds with the concept of ‘privacy by design.’ “What do they [companies] have to build? Where are the goal posts so that they set up consumer rights that will work in practice? So that they keep no obligations on what type of data they’re going to collect and what purposes they’re going to use it for?” said Fitzgerald. 

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