The Progressive Magazine: One Question: What can people do to combat disinformation in the 2024 election season? 

June 6, 2024

Calli Schroeder 

Senior Counsel and Global Privacy Counsel at the Electronic Privacy Information Center 

While individuals can and should combat disinformation by fact checking content before they spread it and calling out known disinformation, digital platforms and AI developers have a much greater responsibility and opportunity to address the problem at its source. Advances in AI mean that deepfake images, video, and audio of politicians can be far too convincing for individuals to be able to detect themselves. 

AI developers need to build guardrails into their systems that prevent AI-generated content that features political candidates from being created during elections. Digital platforms can allow disinformation to spread virtually unchecked, sometimes assisted by algorithms that promote disinformation when it generates engagement. These platforms should implement trust verification on fact-checked information or labeling disinformation to help combat its impact. 

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