The Record: Judge: FTC can move forward with plans to impose tough new privacy restrictions on Meta 

November 28, 2023

John Davisson, director of litigation at the Electronic Privacy Information Center, said he expects the FTC to move forward with an administrative hearing, the forum where changes to its consent orders are deliberated. 

“Dragging this case into court before the agency process had even played out was a delay tactic by Meta,” Davisson said via email. “Meta will have every chance in the FTC’s hearing process to argue that the consent order should stay unchanged, and the company can renew those arguments in court if it appeals the FTC’s final decision.” 

Davisson added that it will be a “high hill for Meta to climb,” citing reports over the past few days about Meta illegally exploiting kids’ personal data and targeting adults with ads that run alongside suggestive videos of minors. 

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