The Record: Judge unseals FTC complaint against Kochava alleging ‘staggering’ data broker practices 

November 6, 2023

“We’re cautiously optimistic that the unsealed complaint will persuade the court of the serious privacy injuries that Kochava routinely inflicts on consumers,” John Davisson, director of litigation at the Electronic Privacy Information Center, said via email. 

Davisson called Kochava’s motion for sanctions a “desperate attempt to conceal the details of its harmful business model and punish the FTC for daring to push back against data brokers.” 

…Davisson said the court ruling provides an eye-opening look into the largely unregulated data broker industry. 

“The unsealed complaint confirms Kochava’s shocking appetite for the most sensitive details of lives and the ways the company uses that data to profile, target, discriminate, and profit,” he said. 

“It’s no wonder that Kochava wanted to bury it,” he added. 

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