WhoWhatWhy: Telecom Companies Want to Keep Phoning It in on Data Security

April 18, 2023

“Data breaches get worse every year,” said Chris Frascella, a law fellow at the Electronic Privacy Information Center. What’s more, customers don’t hear about most privacy incidents, according to a 2019 Internet Society study.

“The CPNI rulemaking is very promising. They’re talking about considering a breach something that’s an inadvertent disclosure,” said Frascella. “Up until this point, a breach only qualified as a reportable event if someone intentionally gained access to CPNI.”

“[If] your phone carrier has your Social Security number stored in a database somewhere and it gets breached, that’s actually not a breach of CPNI,” said Frascella. “And the FCC in this latest rulemaking is acknowledging that.”

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