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Solicitor General Seeks Second Extension for Response to EPIC in Supreme Court Challenge to Domestic Surveillance Program

The Solicitor General of the United States has asked the clerk of the US Supreme Court for a second extension to prepare a response to EPIC's Petition, which argues that the order of the FISA Court for domestic telephone toll records was unlawful and must be overturned. EPIC filed the Petition on July 8, 2013. Subsequently, several amicus briefs in support of EPIC were filed with the Court by privacy scholars, Constitutional scholars, experts in the Court's jurisdiction, and former members of the Church Committee. The Solicitor General asked for a 30-day extension for the initial August 12, 2013 deadline which was granted. The SG has now asked for a second 30-day extension. The case is In re EPIC, Petitioner, No. 13-58. For more information, see In re EPIC - NSA Telephone Records Surveillance.



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