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The EPIC Alert, a bi-weekly publication of the Electronic Privacy Information Center in Washington DC, covers issues related to privacy and civil liberties in the Information Age.

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  • book reviews of the latest privacy-related publications
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The electronic EPIC Alert has been published since 1994, and currently has a readership of over 17,000. It is among the longest-running electronic newsletters on the Internet.

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EPIC Alert 21.19 (October 17, 2014)

  1. EPIC v. CIA: EPIC Seeks Details of CIA Surveillance of Congress
  2. At OECD Global Forum, EPIC Urges 'Algorithmic Transparency'
  3. California Enacts Comprehensive Student Privacy Law
  4. Supreme Court Issues Stay Preventing Implementation of Voter ID Law
  5. Japanese Court Upholds 'Right to Be Forgotten'
  6. News in Brief
  7. EPIC in the News
  8. EPIC Bookstore
  9. Upcoming Conferences and Events

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