We all share a fundamental right to privacy.

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EPIC is a public interest research center in Washington, DC seeking to protect privacy, freedom of expression, and democratic values in the information age.

EPIC focuses public attention on emerging privacy and civil liberties issues and protects privacy, freedom of expression, and democratic values in the information age.

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TikTok is Not the Only Problem

TikTok is just one app in a vast commercial surveillance ecosystem that has been allowed to grow unencumbered over the past two decades due to the lack of a U.S. privacy law. Even if the U.S. bans TikTok, millions of apps would continue to collect the most intimate details about us and profit off of them. The endless web of data brokers who buy and sell data would continue to exist, and foreign adversaries such as China could still obtain Americans’ personal data by simply purchasing it from data brokers on the open market. This is a data privacy crisis with serious national security implications and it is past time for Congress to act.

March 23, 2023 Calli Schroeder, EPIC Senior Counsel and Caitriona Fitzgerald, EPIC Deputy Director
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EPIC engages in policy research, amicus briefs, public education, litigation, publications, and advocacy to promote privacy in the digital age.

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AI Assurance Policies: A Discussion with NTIA’s Alan Davidson

EPIC Senior Counsel Ben Winters EPIC Senior Counsel Ben Winters will join a panel discussion hosted by the University of Pittsburgh about trustworthy AI.

11 Apr. 12:00 PM EDT

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Screened and Scored in D.C.

EPIC spent 14 months investigating the D.C. government’s use of automated decision-making systems. This report aims to shed light by providing as comprehensive a view as possible of the many automated decision-making systems that shape the course of District residents’ lives.

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