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    EPIC Launches 2015 FOIA Gallery

    In celebration of Sunshine Week 2015, EPIC has created a gallery of EPIC's five most significant FOIA document sets from 2015. In the past year, EPIC-obtained documents shed new light on surveillance blimps, warrantless wiretapping, and license plate readers.

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    EPIC Celebrates Open Government

    During the past year, EPIC has pursued important FOIA cases against the CIA, the FBI, the DHS, the DOJ, and others. Open government is good government.

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  • Los Angeles v. Patel Amicus Brief

    Los Angeles v. Patel

    The Supreme Court recently heard arguments in Los Angeles v. Patel, concerning the warrantless inspection of hotel records by the police. EPIC's brief, joined with thirty-six technical experts and legal scholars, argued that "individuals have a constitutional right to gather at hotels for political and religious purposes without being subject to police inspection."

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  • Minority Report

    EPIC v. DHS. Not a Movie.

    EPIC is seeking documents about Homeland Security's plans for "pre-crime detection." Tom Cruise starred in a 2002 movie about "a special police unit that is able to arrest murderers before they commit their crime."

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  • Google Advisory Council Question

    The Right to be Forgotten

    Surprisingly, the Google Advisory Council has decided that the company is free to post in .COM harmful private information of Europeans even though similar information concerning those in the US would be removed.

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  • End Secret Profiling

    Algorithmic Transparency: End Secret Profiling

    EPIC recently launched a project on algorithmic transparency, urging companies to show us the code that makes judgements about us.

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  • EPIC Cloud 2015

    EPIC 2015

    EPIC is on the front lines of the major privacy and civil liberties debates. In 2015, EPIC has important work to do on algorithmic transparency, student privacy, and government surveillace, among many other issues. Please donate to EPIC today to help us continue this important work.

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  • FOIA Rocks Website


    EPIC recently launched foia.rocks, a comprehensive resource celebrating the Freedom of Information Act.

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Top News

United Nations To Create Special Rapporteur on Right to Privacy

The UN Human Rights Council has adopted a resolution on The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age that will lead to the selection of an independent expert on privacy. According to the resolution, the special rapporteur will have a broad mandate to assess developments, make recommendations, and promote the right to privacy. EPIC joined with 90 other NGOs in support of the resolution. EPIC also recently expressed support for encryption and anonymity in a letter to a UN Rapporteur.

EPIC Pursues Investigation of FTC's 2012 Investigation of Google

EPIC has filed a FOIA request with the Federal Trade Commission, reopening a 2013 FOIA request from EPIC regarding the Commission's Google antitrust investigation. After the agency closed the investigation in 2013, EPIC asked for agency communications with the White House. The FTC denied having any such records. Now, the Wall Street Journal has reported that the Chairman of the FTC attended White House meetings on the same day as Google lobbyists. EPIC also filed a request this week for the FTC staff reports recommending that the agency file an antitrust lawsuit against Google.

European Court of Justice Hears Case Challenging "Safe Harbor" Agreement and NSA Spying

The Court of Justice for the European Union heard arguments this week in Maximilian Schrems v. Data Protection Commissioner, a case filed in Ireland following the revelations of the NSA PRISM program. At issue is whether the disclosure of EU citizens' data by Facebook and other Internet companies to the NSA violates the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, and whether the EU-US "Safe Harbor" agreement provides "adequate" data protection. A decision is likely later this year. Schrems is the recipient of the 2013 EPIC International Privacy Champion Award.

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EPIC v. DOJ: Uncovering Government Surveillance Reports

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EPIC works to promote the Public Voice in decisions concerning the future of the Internet. Visit our partner site, thepublicvoice.org to learn more.

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EPIC recently launched a project on algorithmic transparency, urging companies to show us the code that makes judgements about us.