EPIC Urges Massachusetts High Court to Protect Drivers From Warrantless Tracking by Law Enforcement, Warns of "Pervasive Mass Surveillance"

Today, EPIC filed a "friend of the court" brief in the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, urging the Justices to require a warrant before police covertly track drivers using concealed surveillance technology. In Commonwealth v. Connolly, the Court will determine whether the police must obtain a search warrant before covertly installing location tracking devices on individuals' cars. The systems record a vehicle's location and speed around the clock, and transmit the data to police. EPIC said the profileferation of police tracking devices "creates a large, and largely unregulated, repository containing detailed travel profiles of American citizens." The EPIC brief warned that "law enforcement access to such information raises the specter of mass, pervasive surveillance without any predicate act that would justify this activity." For more, see EPIC's Commonwealth v. Connolly page.

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