House Committee Opens Investigation into Clear Data

Leaders of the House Homeland Security Committee sent a letter to the Transportation Security Administration regarding the bankruptcy of Verified Identity Pass, the parent company for the Clear registered traveler (RT) program. Clear was the largest RT program in the nation operating out of 20 airports with about 165,000 members.  The TSA established RT security, privacy and compliance standards for the Clear program and bolstered the company's credentials with the traveling public. The Clear RT application process collected a great deal of personal information from members, such as proof of legal name, data of birth, citizenship status, home address, place of birth, and gender. The information was used to pre-screen travelers for express service through airport security checkpoints.   The committee is investigating among other things: when the TSA became aware of the bankruptcy; whether they have asked the company for its plan regarding its RT data; if the agency is seeking a privacy impact assessment on the bankruptcy; and whether the agency has a contingency plan for safeguarding the data now that the company has gone out of business. See EPIC Air Travel Privacy and EPIC Secure Flight

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