Senator Markey Outlines New Student Privacy Legislation at EPIC Event

At a briefing on Capitol Hill hosted by EPIC, Senator Ed Markey announced plans to introduce legislation protecting student data. Senator Markey set out four principles his bill would cover: (1) student information may never be used to market products to children; (2) parents must have the right to access and amend student information held by private companies; (3) schools and private companies must safeguard student information; and (4) companies must delete student information after it is no longer needed for educational purposes. Senator Markey made the remarks at EPIC event "Failing Grade: Education Records and Student Privacy," which included leading experts in technology, student privacy, and the Chief Privacy Officer at the Department of Education. Last year, Senator Markey sent a letter to the Education Department, requesting information on the "impact of increased collection and distribution of student data" on privacy. The Education Department provided a response, suggesting that when schools outsource to private companies, they should ensure that the companies protect student data. For more information, see EPIC: Student Privacy.

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