EPIC v. FBI: Agency Cyber Hack Notification Procedures Fall Short

In Freedom of Information Act lawsuit EPIC v. FBI, EPIC has obtained the FBI notification procedures that would have applied to the Russian cyberattacks during the 2016 Presidential election. The documents obtained by EPIC establish that the FBI Cyber Division is to "notify and disseminate meaningful information to victims and the CND [Computer Network Defense] community." The Cyber Division specifically notifies the "individual, organization, or corporation that is the owner or operator of the computer at the point of compromise or intrusion." The analysis to determine whether or not to notify the victim, as well as FBI procedures for approval or deferral of notification, the timing of notification, the method of notification, and more were all redacted by the agency. EPIC intends to challenge theses withholdings. The FBI's response raises questions about whether the agency fulfilled the obligation to properly notify the victims of the Russian cyberattacks.The Intelligence Community assessed that both major US political parties were attacked. The FBI also produced notification procedures for threats to life or serious bodily injury, and certain procedures under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Next in the case, EPIC anticipates the release, on May 26, of FBI communications with political organizations and federal agencies concerning the Russian interference.

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