2018 Intelligence Authorization Reflects Concerns About Russian Hacking

In the proposed intelligence reauthorization for 2018, the Senate has included provisions reflecting widespread concern about the Russian interference in the 2016 election. Among other requirements, S. 1761 mandates a report to Congress detailing the past cyber attacks on election infrastructure and the risk of future attacks, as well as a report assessing the intelligence community response to the attacks. The bill also gives the intelligence community 90 days to develop a strategy to counter the threat of future Russian cyber attacks. And the bill requires the Director of National Intelligence to submit to Congress a report assessing the "threat of Russian money laundering to the United States." EPIC raised similar concerns in a series of leading open government cases concerning the Russian interference. In EPIC v. FBI, EPIC is seeking information about the FBI's response to the attacks and has obtained the FBI Notification Procedures that should have been followed after a cyber attack. In EPIC v. ODNI, EPIC is seeking the release of the complete intelligence report on the scope of the Russian attack. And in EPIC v. IRS, EPIC is seeking to obtain the public release of Donald Trump’s tax returns.

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