Court Rules New York "Ballot Selfie" Ban is Constitutional

A federal court has ruled that a New York state ban on the posting of "ballot selfies" is constitutional. "New York has a compelling interest in preventing vote buying and voter coercion," the court wrote. "The State's interest in the integrity of its elections is paramount." Ballot selfies allow campaigns, employers, unions, and others to find out how an individual voted. But as EPIC explained in "The Secret Ballot At Risk: Recommendations for Protecting Democracy," the secret ballot—the inability to link particular voters to particular votes—is a cornerstone of modern democracies. The secret ballot reduces the threat of coercion, vote buying and selling, and tampering. EPIC has a long history of working to protect voter privacy and election integrity. In a 2010 Supreme Court case, EPIC argued that disregard for voter privacy may unconstitutionally burden the right to vote.

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