White House Vulnerability Review Charter Provides Process for Disclosing Tech Flaws

The White House has released the "Vulnerabilities Equities Policy and Process," describing how the U.S. Government will make decisions regarding disclosure of "Zero-day vulnerabilities." At issue are vulnerabilities in software and consumer products that can be exploited by intelligence agencies and malicious hackers. If the VEP review board — comprised of agency representatives such as the DHS, ODNI, CIA, FBI, OMB, Commerce Department, and NSA — votes for disclosure, the tech company will be notified "when possible" within 7 business days. The charter requires the NSA, serving as the board's secretariat, to produce an annual public report on VEP decisions. In extensive comments on surveillance reform, EPIC supported the recommendations of the Obama Review Group, which included a recommendation for an interagency process to review "Zero-day vulnerabilities." In a letter to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security earlier this year, EPIC stated that "data protection and privacy should remain a central focus of the cyber security policy of the United States."

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