EPIC FOIA - EPIC Sues for Details of Palantir's Government Systems

EPIC has filed a Freedom of Information lawsuit against Immigration and Customs Enforcement seeking details of the agency's relationship with Palantir. The federal agency contracted with the Peter Thiel company to establish vast databases of personal information, and to make secret determinations about the opportunities for employment, travel, and also who is subject to criminal investigations. EPIC is seeking the government contracts with Palantir, as well as assessments and other related documents. The ICE Investigative Case Management System and the FALCON system pull together vast troves of personal data from across the federal government. EPIC wrote in the complaint, "Palantir's 'big data' systems raise far-reaching privacy and civil liberties risks." In an earlier FOIA lawsuit, EPIC v. CBP, EPIC uncovered Palantir's role in the Analytical Framework for Intelligence, a program that assigns "risk assessment" scores to travelers, including U.S. citizens.

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