EPIC Urges Senate to Seek Assurances from DHS on Privacy of Voter Data

EPIC sent a statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee in advance of a DHS Oversight Hearing, to seek assurances that "the DHS will not continue the activities of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity." After the Commission was disbanded in the wake of EPIC’s lawsuit, the former Vice Chair told reporters that he intended to continue the work of the Commission at the DHS. But EPIC told the Senate committee that the Commission has no authority to transfer the voter data and warned that the DHS would be subject to federal lawsuits if it assembled a database of voter information. EPIC also urged the Senate to confirm that the personal data provided by DACA applicants will not be misused by DHS, and that DHS biometric programs will not be expanded until transparency obligations are fulfilled and privacy safeguards are established. The EPIC letter follows a statement last week from civil rights and government oversight organizations to the DHS Secretary, seeking assurance that there will be no transfer or collection of state voter data.

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