EPIC's Rotenberg Urges Support for AI Guidelines at OECD

Speaking to the OECD Global Strategy Group in Paris, EPIC President Marc Rotenberg urged OECD member countries to endorse the Universal Guidelines for AI. "Civil society recognizes that AI may help solve the world's greatest challenges - from climate change and resource scarcity to  medical breakthroughs and sustainable development. But we also believe that the public must be given the opportunity to participate in the development of AI policy. And there should be guidelines at the outset that safeguard democratic values and human rights," said Mr. Rotenberg. More than 200 experts and 50 NGOs, from across 40 countries, have endorsed the Universal Guidelines for AI, the first human rights framework for artificial intelligence. The OECD Global Strategy Group brings together senior officials from member countries to discuss the challenges shaping today's world.

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