EPIC Urges Senate Committee to Safeguard Consumer Privacy in Internet of Things and Telemarketing Bills

EPIC sent a letter to the Senate Commerce Committee on Monday about privacy and security concerns in two pending bills. The DIGIT Act would "encourage the growth" of the Internet of Things and "help identify barriers to its advancement." The Spoofing Prevention Act would extend the laws prohibiting Caller ID spoofing to text messages, international calls, and Voice-over-IP calls. EPIC pointed out the "significant privacy and security risks" to American consumers of the Internet of Things. EPIC also argued for "a requirement that any automated calls reveal (1) the actual identity of the caller and (2) the purpose of the call." EPIC has been at the forefront of policy work on the Internet of Things, recommending safeguards for connected cars, "smart homes," consumer products, and "always on" devices. EPIC also supports robust telephone privacy protections and recently advised Congress on modernizing telemarketing rules.

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