EPIC Urges Court to Open Meetings, Records of AI Commission

EPIC has filed a reply brief in EPIC v. AI Commission urging a federal court in Washington, DC to enforce the Commission's obligation to hold open meetings and publish its records on a regular basis. The court previously ruled that the AI Commission must comply with the Freedom of Information Act. In briefs with the court, EPIC explained that the Commission must also comply with the Federal Advisory Committee Act, citing the law enacted by Congress. "It is not for the Government or the courts to second-guess that legislative choice simply because the AI Commission's transparency obligations flow from two statutes rather than one," EPIC wrote. In a recent report for Congress and the President, the Commission recommended weakening privacy safeguards for Americans but never consulted with the public as the Federal Advisory Committee Act would require. The case is EPIC v. AI Commission, No. 19-2906 (D.D.C.).

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