EPIC focuses public attention on emerging privacy and civil liberties issues and protects privacy, freedom of expression, and democratic values in the information age.

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AI & Human Rights

Artificial intelligence and machine learning systems are being deployed in opaque and unaccountable ways that can harm individuals and exacerbate biases. EPIC advocates for transparent, equitable, and commonsense AI policy and regulations.

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Consumer Privacy

Improper tracking and profiling of internet users is widespread because companies have been allowed to set their own rules and ignore data protection standards. EPIC seeks to protect users from data abuses and strengthen privacy standards online.

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The security of data, computer systems, and critical infrastructure is essential to the functioning of our society. EPIC supports improved cybersecurity standards and oversight to protect against breaches and to ensure a quick and robust response when they occur.

Data Protection

Data Protection laws safeguard personal data by regulating the ways private companies and governments store and use data.

Democracy & free Speech

Free speech and privacy protections are essential to civic life and to healthy democratic processes. EPIC works to ensure that technology laws and oversight mechanisms protect our rights and support principles of democratic governance.

Open Government

Transparency is one of the core principles of modern government because it ensures accountability and meaningful public oversight. EPIC helps to ensure that the government is open about its data collection and privacy practices.

Privacy Laws

EPIC maintains a variety of resources on U.S., state, and international data protection laws to educate policymakers and others interested in learning about privacy and civil liberties issues.

Surveillance Oversight

The unchecked expansion of surveillance systems is one of the greatest threats to privacy and civil liberties that we face. EPIC advocates for greater oversight of surveillance systems and closely tracks domestic surveillance issues to ensure that civil liberties are protected.

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