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Transparency is one of the core principles of modern government because it ensures accountability and meaningful public oversight. EPIC helps to ensure that the government is open about its data collection and privacy practices.


EPIC makes frequent use of open records laws like the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to obtain information from the government about surveillance and privacy policy. Public disclosure of this information improves government oversight and accountability. It also helps ensure that the public is fully informed about the activities of government. EPIC routinely files lawsuits to force disclose of agency records that impact critical privacy interests.

Areas of Focus within Open Government

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  • Federal Advisory Committee Act

    The Federal Advisory Committee Act is a critical tool for opening the process by which government agencies obtain advice from advisory committees and private individuals.

  • Freedom of Information Act

    The FOIA empowers the public to know what their government is up to by giving people the right to obtain information from federal agencies.

  • Privacy Impact Assessments

    Privacy impact assessments are a powerful mechanism for minimizing personal data collection, ensuring that institutions weigh the privacy risks of new projects, and keeping the public informed about the collection and use of their personally identifiable information.

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