Being a Non-profit

EPIC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We have no clients, no customers, and no shareholders. We need your support.

EPIC has been awarded the Gold Star of Transparency from Guidestar, and Charity Navigator has given EPIC a score of 93.98, earning EPIC a 4-Star rating.

Charity Navigator 4 star charity

EPIC Financial Documents

The Public Voice Fund

EPIC seeks to promote civil society participation in decisions concerning the future of the Internet and to recognize individuals and NGOs that champion fundamental rights with courage and integrity.

Over 20 years, EPIC has provided funding for many organizations and individuals to advance this vision.

Criteria for consideration

  • Work aligned with EPIC Public Voice mission
  • Size of budget
  • Non-profit status or non-profit sponsor
  • Free of corporate or government conflict


Brief letter, approximately 2 to 3 pages. Organizations are asked to provide: name, date and country of incorporation, mission, names of directors, URL, and approximate annual budget

Grant amounts are typically for 5,000 USD.

For more information contact [email protected].

Support EPIC’s work

EPIC’s work is funded by the support of individuals like you, who allow us to continue to protect privacy, open government, and democratic values in the information age.