EPIC, Coalition Urge Florida Lawmakers to Preserve Private Right of Action

EPIC and a coalition of privacy and consumer organizations today sent letters to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the Florida House Commerce Committee, and Florida's Senate Rules Committee urging them to preserve private rights of action in two pending privacy bills, SB 1734 and HB 969. "The inclusion of a private right of action in HB 969 and SB 1734 is the most important tool the Legislature can give to Floridians to protect their privacy," the groups wrote. "The statutory damages set in privacy laws are not large in an individual case, but they can provide a powerful incentive in large cases and are necessary to ensure that privacy rights will be taken seriously and violations not tolerated. In the absence of a private right of action, there is a very real risk that companies will not comply with the law because they think it is unlikely that they would get caught or fined."

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