American Bar Association Adopts New Drone Privacy and Election Security Resolutions

February 20, 2020

This week the American Bar Association adopted new policies for the security of elections and the regulation of drone operations. Under the election cybersecurity policy, the ABA will urge Congress to provides funding to NIST to set election security standards, provide funding to secure state systems, and encourage state and local governments to secure election systems. Last year a federal court ruled that Georgia must replace its insecure voting machines, citing EPIC's amicus brief that highlighted the unreliable nature of paperless voting systems. EPIC continues to seek release of DHS records concerning ongoing election security risks. The ABA also adopted a drone privacy policy that will encourage federal, state, and local governments to regulate the deployment of drones. EPIC first petitioned the FAA to promulgate drone privacy regulations in 2012, has sued to obtain records of the agency's secretive drone advisory committees, and EPIC recently launched a Mandate Drone ID Campaign.

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