BREAKING – EPIC Seeks Public Release of FTC Settlement with Facebook

July 15, 2019

Today EPIC filed an expedited Freedom of Information Act request with the Federal Trade Commission, seeking the public release of the proposed settlement with Facebook. Last week the Wall Street Journal first reported that the FTC approved a $5 billion settlement with Facebook for violating a 2011 consent order that EPIC helped obtain. However, details about the settlement have not been disclosed. In January, EPIC recommended that the FTC 1) impose substantial fines; 2) establish structural remedies; 3) require compliance with Fair Information Practices; 4) reform hiring and management practices; and 5) restore democratic governance. In a series of FOIA cases, EPIC uncovered the biennial audits of Facebook, the number of complaints pending against Facebook at the Commission (26,000), and records of meetings by the chief agency official responsible for overseeing enforcement. EPIC also launched the #EnforceTheOrder campaign.

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