CNN: Everything seems more expensive, so why is a big new TV cheaper than ever? 

December 16, 2023

“As we watch TV, our TVs watch us,” said Sara Geoghegan, a consumer privacy advocate and legal counsel at the Electronic Privacy Information Center. “Smart TVs collect tons of information.” 

Geoghegan said the amount of data each TV manufacturer collects can often be opaque, but once a customer sets up their smart TV, viewing habits, location, and potentially more personal data are collected and shared — unless that customer adjusts the device’s security settings. 

…Not everyone is happy with the idea that the device mounted on your wall can gather intel. 

Geoghegan argued that many people may be uncomfortable learning that a spying tool was one of the primary reasons their new flatscreen was on sale for $70. 

“I think when you’re browsing your television, you don’t expect that these kinds of intimate things that are just happening inside your home will be used in this way to profile you, and sell you things,” Geoghegan said. 

“The monetization of our personal information is a problem that we should be concerned about.” 

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