Court: Computer Experts May Examine Georgia Voting Systems

July 11, 2019

A federal court in Georgia has ruled that Georgia election officials must allow the Coalition for Good Governance to review the state's election management databases. The Coalition argued that the databases "provide the roadmap that needs to be analyzed to identify flaws" in the state election system. EPIC recently filed an amicus brief in the case, joined by 31 legal scholars and technical experts. EPIC asked the federal court to stop Georgia's use of Direct Recording Electronic voting machines. Experts in election security have shown that DREs are insecure, vulnerable to attack, fail to provide a paper trail that enables auditing, and subject vote tallies to manipulation by remote adversaries. EPIC told the court, "the continued use of these systems poses a direct threat to personal privacy, election integrity, and democratic institutions." The case is Curling v. Raffensperger.

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