Court Grants Facebook’s Motion to Intervene in EPIC v. FTC

August 28, 2019

The D.C. District Court has granted Facebook's motion to intervene in EPIC's case against the Federal Trade Commission for the release of the biennial audits required by the 2011 Consent Order. The FTC turned over redacted reports to EPIC but withheld certain information, citing a confidential business information provision. EPIC explained to the court, the "release of the full audits is crucial for Congress, the States Attorneys General, and the public to evaluate how the Cambridge Analytica breach occurred." EPIC opposed Facebook's attempt to intervene but the Court granted Facebook's motion. Before the same judge, EPIC is also pursuing intervention in United States v. Facebook, a case concerning the proposed settlement between FTC and Facebook. Facebook's answer to EPIC's complaint is due September 3, 2019. The case is EPIC v. FTC, No. 18-942 (D.D.C).

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