EDWEEK: Ed-Tech Industry Group Calls for Equity, Data Privacy Safeguards in AI 

November 22, 2023

The AI literacy piece in schools is crucial, said Suzanne Bernstein, law fellow at the Electronic Privacy Information Center, a nonprofit research center that advocates for stronger privacy standards.  

Students and teachers need to understand what to look for in AI products, to a degree that allows them to ask more questions and do more research if AI-produced materials don’t seem accurate, she said.   

While there still needs to be more regulatory action from the government in the AI space, having industry guidelines is a good first step, she said.  

“There should be a responsibility on companies to protect the safety and security of students online…especially when it comes to AI and the collection, retention, and use of data,” she said.   

“But these tools, when used responsibly, can be a tremendous help for all kinds of learners at different levels.”  

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