EPIC and NCLC Offer Solutions to Scam Robocalls in New Report

June 1, 2022

Today EPIC and the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) published a report explaining the depth of the scam robocall problem, the reasons for the problem, how the Federal Communications Commission has responded, and what must change to stop the deluge of scam robocalls. Scam robocalls annoy and defraud, costing tens of billions in fraud losses plus billions in wasted time and nuisance every year. EPIC and NCLC recommend several simple strategies that would stop most, if not all, of these fraudulent robocalls. These include: requiring all providers in the call path to engage in effective, affirmative mitigation of illegal robocalls; imposing clear financial consequences on providers who knew or should have known that they were transmitting illegal robocalls; and making information about the sources of illegal robocalls and complicit providers publicly accessible. EPIC routinely files amicus briefs in TCPA cases and submits comments to the FCC to better protect consumers from robocalls.

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