EPIC, Coalition Comment on Proposed California Rules

August 23, 2022

EPIC, along with the California Public Interest Research Group Education Fund, Center for Digital Democracy, Consumer Action, the Consumer Federation of America, Ranking Digital Rights, and the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, sent comments to the California Privacy Protection Agency regarding proposed regulations under the California Consumer Privacy Act.

The Agency was seeking feedback on regulations related to data minimization, limits on sensitive data collection and use, global opt-out rules, service provider and third party restrictions, and more. “Californians’ most urgent need is not for more notices about their rights; it is for substantive, meaningful limitations on the use and disclosure of their sensitive personal information,” the groups told the Agency.

EPIC has previously advised the Agency on the automated decision-making provisions of the Act. In Fall 2021, EPIC, Consumer Action, the Consumer Federation of America, and New America’s Open Technology Institute filed comments urging the agency “to continue ‘protect[ing] consumers’ rights’ and ‘strengthening consumer privacy’ at every opportunity, consistent with the expressed will of California voters.”

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