EPIC Joins More than 200 Organizations Urging Tech Platforms to Combat AI Election Disinformation

April 9, 2024

Today, EPIC and a coalition of over 200 civil society organizations sent a letter to leading platform companies like Meta, X, and Tiktok urging them to strengthen their efforts to protect elections from AI disinformation.

The letter, signed by organizations around the world with ties to election integrity, AI accountability, and civil rights, highlights six interventions that tech platforms must pursue:

  1. Reinstating previous election-integrity policies—and supporting them by staffing up platform integrity and moderation teams;
  2. Increasing enforcement against false of deceptive political advertising;
  1. Adding stronger safeguards against AI-generated content, including required disclosures for AI-generated political content, prohibiting political deepfakes, and finetuning algorithmic amplification toward factual election information;
  1. Actively reducing the visibility and spread of election disinformation;
  1. Holding influencers, political candidates, and other public figures to the same content moderation standards as everyone else; and
  1. Improving transparency of content moderation to enable civil-society oversight.

The coalition letter, which comes at a time when at least 60 countries are conducting national elections, is the latest in a string of efforts by EPIC to rein in AI harms to democracy and elections. EPIC continues to pursue robust, common-sense AI and platform accountability regulations as part of its AI & Human Rights Project and platform governance work.

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