EPIC Launches Drone ID Campaign, Urges Action by FAA

February 12, 2020

Today EPIC has launched "Mandate Drone ID" to encourage the public to submit comments to the FAA regarding the agency's proposed rule for a drone ID requirement. EPIC recommends that the FAA modify the draft rule to require public access to drone ID information, including the operator identity, the purpose, and the surveillance capabilities. In 2015, EPIC wrote "Drones should be required to broadcast their registration information to allow members of the public" to easily identify the operator and responsible party. EPIC has recommended that the FAA follow the model for vessels and planes, which requires operators to broadcast location, course, and operator identity, The European Union has established real-time broadcasting requirement similar to the one EPIC has previously encouraged the FAA to implement. Comments on the FAA proposed rule are due March 2, 2020.

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