EPIC-Led Coalition Applauds FCC Classifying ISPs as Common Carriers, Urges Immediate Privacy Rulemaking

December 15, 2023

On December 14, EPIC, Public Knowledge, Consumer Federation of America, and Demand Progress Education Fund submitted comments to the Federal Communications Commission applauding the agency’s proposal to reclassify broadband providers as common carriers subject to Title II of the Communications Act. The coalition emphasized the current harms and persistent risks suffered by consumers at the hands of their internet service providers (ISPs), and outlined three avenues of enforcement and rulemaking authority that would be available to the FCC if the agency moves forward with its proposal to apply Title II to broadband providers. The groups also urged the Commission to explicitly state that its Title II authority would not preempt state privacy and consumer protection laws, called on the FCC to immediately commence a consumer privacy and data security rulemaking, and suggested updates to the Commission’s transparency rule in line with EPIC’s comments about broadband nutrition labels and cybersecurity IoT labels.

EPIC has long advocated for consumer privacy protections in broadband services and regularly files comments with the FCC.

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