EPIC Seeks More Details on Secretive AI Commission Report

November 6, 2019

Following the release of a report by the US Commission on Artificial Intelligence, EPIC is seeking specific information about recommendations that could impact the privacy rights of Americans. EPIC previously sued the Commission to make public its records and meetings. Now EPIC wants to know why the Commission criticized the EU General Data Protection Regulation and why the Commission wants to amend U.S. privacy laws to allow "government access to data on Americans." EPIC is also curious why the Commission selectively published the names of organizations and businesses it consulted. The Commission is chaired by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. EPIC filed suit against the Commission earlier this year to ensure transparency and public participation. The Commission has held more than 200 closed-door meetings. The case is EPIC v. AI Commission, No. 19-2906 (D.D.C).

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